Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The effect of psychological characteristics of the auditor on the audit quality and job satisfaction of auditors    M.Sc.    mohammad sadegh ebrahimi    1400/07/04
2    Estimating Materiality Threshold at Financial Statements Level    Ph.D    Abdollah Azad    1400/06/14
3    Investigating the effect of board feature and company reputation on the auditors expectations and the auditors fees    M.Sc.    mohana usefi moghadam    1400/03/02
4    Investigating the relationship between business strategy and auditor characteristics on the readability of the auditor's report    M.Sc.    masoomeh mousavi    1399/12/27
5    A study of the relationship between social capital and intellectual capital on the prediction of earnings by management and social responsibility desclosure    M.Sc.    elham chenari    1399/12/12
6    Investigating the relationship between intellectual and human capital on relative performance and fluctuations in stock returns    M.Sc.    shahram heidari    1399/10/30
7    The Impact of Earning Management and Weakness of Internal Controls on the Firm Reputation    M.Sc.    faezeh faramarzi    1399/10/22
8    A study of the relationship between corporate governance mechanisms with the cost of capital in Iraq and Iran    Ph.D    SAAD RAAD FAYSAL FAYSAL    1399/09/03
9    Presenting a model to identify money laundering indicators for Iran by comparing the behavior of Iran’s and the UK’s auditors when red flags suggest the presence of criminal activity in the form of money laundering    Ph.D    Vahid Molla Imeny    1399/08/11
10    The Impact of Accounting Quality and Auditing Characteristics on Falling Stock Prices of Iraqi Companies Before and After Daesh    M.Sc.    HAYDER AL KHALIDI    1399/07/22
11    Investigation the association between the auditor's characteristics and the corporate governance on financial statement footnote readability    M.Sc.    seyed ahmad masoumi    1399/06/25
12    The Impact of Board Interlocks and Political connection on the Quality of Financial Reporting in Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    ali zuhair maallah    1399/04/10
13    The Effect of Audit Quality on the Accuracy of Management Earnings Forecasts    M.Sc.    Hamideh Nazari Davaji    1398/06/31
14    A study of the effect of managerial narcissism and accounting comparability in Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    MOHAMMED ALMALKE    1398/02/17
15    A Study of the Relationship Between Companies Political Connections with Auditor choice, Audit Fees and Abnormal Audit Fees.    M.Sc.    elnaz behzadi    1397/11/29
16    The relationship between of audit firm mergers to audit quality, audit fees and comparability of financial information before and after merger    M.Sc.    jaber yavar    1397/11/27
17    The Effect of CEO Characteristics and Competition in the Audit Market on the Disclosure and Comparability of Financial Information in the Companies Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    reza sedaghat divrazm    1397/11/23
18    A Comparative Study of the relationship between the board's characteristics of intellectual capital listed companies of Stock Exchange of Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    HUSSEIN SHAWAL    1397/09/27
19    Investigation of Changes in Financial Statements on Audit Fees and Other Auditing Characteristics in Companies of the Stock Exchange of Iraq and Iran    M.Sc.    QASSIM HEREZ    1397/09/07
20    The Effects of Intellectual Capital on Sales and Stickiness Audit Fees    M.Sc.    ahmadreza asadian    1397/06/31
21    A study of the dividend and cost sickness on benefit comparabilit with mediating role of political connections    M.Sc.    reza ghodoosian    1397/06/31
22    A study of relationship between going concern report with company’s strategy and quality of internal control    M.Sc.    maral dadfar    1397/06/25
23    Assessing financial reporting quality of family and nonfamily firms by audit risk and audit fees    M.Sc.    neda kelidari    1396/11/23
24    The evaluation of effective factors on audit fees with emphasis on ceo turnover    M.Sc.    hossein nakhjavan    1396/11/03
25    The effect of agency costs and the announcement until dividend and its impact on audit fees during the company's life cycle    M.Sc.    hamid reza attari    1396/08/07
26    The effect of sacred months on Price and the Index of Iraq Stock Exchange and its Comparison with the Stock Exchange of Iran    M.Sc.    Faisal Salman    1396/04/18
27    : The Relationship Between Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Management Motivational Factors On Performance And Earnings Management and Innovation    M.Sc.    mahboube mahmoudabady    1396/04/18
28    Investigating Relationship Between Some Corporate Leadership Mechanisms And Profit Management On The Iraq Securities Bourse And Comparison With Iran Securities Bourse    M.Sc.    Wisam Kamil Obaid    1396/04/12
29    Studding the affective factors on disclosure of social responsibility in Iranian and Iraqi stock companies    M.Sc.    Hind Al-maliki    1396/04/12
30    A study of the relationship between ownership structure and related party transactions and their effect on the quality of financial reporting    M.Sc.    Ehsan Khorsandi    1395/11/30
31    A study at the effect of the managerial ability to tax avoidance and firm’s value in smoothing and non-smoothing earnings firms    M.Sc.    Farzana Akbari    1395/11/24
32    A comparative Study of Auditing Expectation Gap from view point of users in Iraq and Iran    M.Sc.    Rami Alreeshawee    1395/06/27
33    The Relationship between cash flow management and financial performance listed company on the Tehran stock exchange    M.Sc.    mahdi ramezani kariz balai    1395/06/25
34    The Effect of Managerial Ability and Abnormal Audit Fees On Audit quality.    M.Sc.    atena soleimani    1394/11/17
35    A meta-analysis of the determinants of audit quality    M.Sc.    malihe khabaz tavakoli    1394/08/26
36    The Effect of Restatement on Auditor Changes    M.Sc.    azam eshaghnia    1394/06/18
37    The Relationship of Abnormal Audit Fees and Restatements    M.Sc.    adineh vahidnia    1393/11/09
38    A study of the view points of auditors and users about the factors effecting to audit marketing    M.Sc.    somayeh sadat hoseini    1393/10/18
39    The Association between Audit Quality and the Quality of Information Disclosure of Companis    M.Sc.    navid paidarmanesh    1393/08/06
40    Modeling and Forecasting Stock Abnormal Returns Using the Nonlinear Gray Bernoulli Model    M.Sc.    Bahar Doryab    1393/06/31
41    The relationship between variables based on the balance theories and pecking order theories and selected variables from cash flow statement with corporate cash holdings.    M.Sc.    nahid rezaei    1393/01/09
42    Impact of accounting education and work experience on emotional intelligence    M.Sc.    ALALEH ZHIAN TABASI    1392/12/20
43    Forecasting Stock Prices: application of econometric models and Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)    M.Sc.    omid amandad    1392/11/09